Meaningful International Work Experience

In today’s global economy international experience and the ability to work across cultures is very important. As more companies invest in APAC, work experience in these markets definitely helps stand out in the job market.

In the past two decades, China has been one of the most important economies in the world. It has been the source of global economic growth for a long time and presently is becoming an increasing source of innovation, especially in the technology and other 21st century sectors.

In the Business in Modern China Summer Program, you will have a chance to work full-time in a small group with other interns in a four-week internship with the Shanghai offices of Fortune 1000, China Fortune 1000 or Financial Times Europe 500, or a dynamic local start up in the areas of marketing and sales, strategic development or human resources. You will decide whether you want to intern with an established corporation or understand business in China by working with a local startup. Knowing the Chinese language is not a prerequisite for the internship.

Having been admitted to the program, you will be placed in a group together with other talented individuals from different origins and with different expertise. The composition of each team is determined by the company the group will work for based on project needs. Your qualification, skills and experience, and your choice of an internship functional area will all be considered during the teaming process. Each team will be led by a mentor, who is an experienced business professional and is very familiar with the China market. He/she will set directions and targets for the group, and give necessary advice to the group’s work. The team will meet the company’s management team once a week to report on the progress and present project outcomes. More than one project may be assigned to each team, depending on the company’s needs and the project time.

At the end of the internship, you will receive reference letters from the company and the mentor about your work and performance. If your future employers would like to seek further information about your performance in the Technology and Startup Scene in China program, your mentor can definitely give his/her statement.

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