Enrich Your Program

In today’s global economy, most companies are aware how important it is to invest in nurturing global-minded employees through internal training programs. USST International assists companies providing all necessary assistance on the local level to help your internal program be a complete experience for your young employees and hence maximize your return on this investment.

Multi-national companies invest significant resources into developing tomorrow’s leading global-minded workforce. An essential part of such development is a work assignment outside of the local office. Such arrangement can be complicated to execute and requires coordination of offices in different countries which often do not share the same interests, priorities, and amount of resources available. During our years of experience, we have witnessed quite a few cases where local HR teams were not able to successfully provide support for international training employees sent by the headquarters or other offices.

In order to help mitigate such problem and ensure a high return on international training schemes, USST International has been working with companies to provide important assistance on the local level to take ensure a complete and meaningful experience for employees. We make certain that all of the employees needs are covered as well as actively make them part of our ongoing programs and activities locally. In the past through utilizing our local resources and making employees part of our programs we offered assistance with:

  • Housing
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Emergency Support
  • Academic Training
  • Networking and Corporate Events Participation
  • Cultural Events/Travel Activities Participation

To start the conversation on how we can assist your employees during their international training in China get in touch with us.

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