Count On Us

At University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, we are experienced and ardent about international education and the career growth of those that we work with. We recognize that professionalism is extremely important in endeavors that cross borders.

Grand things come out of passion. In our organization, we are stimulated by a need to improve the way international education works. We formed an experienced, multi-cultural team, formed our vision and started acting on it. We gained an exclusive partnerships and trust of many diverse participants.

Our experience has taught us many of the actors in the field of international education are not doing things right; one the one hand, many institutional providers supply only the academic component of a study abroad experience without internship and other career-advancement opportunities. On the other hand, many internship providers give students and young individuals an experience of questionable quality without educational value. These shortcomings have inspired us at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to offer something different; we combine quality education with professional resources such as internships, access to business networks, etc. to help maximize the value of time spent abroad. It is, after all, an important investment.

This approach to international education is embodied in our programs, the Business in Modern China Summer Program and the Technology and Startup Scene in China program. For six weeks, the participants gain high quality business education delivered by academics and business people, complete a meaningful internship engagement that is guaranteed to take place only with proven companies, and participate in many business-oriented events including networking events, guest speakers, and corporate visits.

At University of Shanghai for Science and Technology we will always value your trust. Another way in which we want to change the international education landscape is to strive to have a continuous, value-based relationship with those who engage with us. Traditionally, participants of educational programs rarely re-engage with organizations upon completion of a particular program. Often this causes the organizations to compromise the given trust after the relationship is formalized. We firmly believe that such approach causes both sides to truly miss out. We take a different approach; we aim to build a strong network of alumni to grow the influence of our organization; to make this happen we can never compromise the trust given to us.

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