Global Education Matters

An advertisement by a leading international investment bank reads ‘In the future, education could be your wisest investment’. We agree wholeheartedly. In the 21st century, international academic and work experience is a necessity for those ambitious about their career.

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology provides a unique option of engaging in quality education and gaining meaningful professional experience. Our recently-redeveloped programs have proven to build futures. As a reliable organization, we ensure that your child has a professional experience from the pre-departure stage to the completion of the program.

Transparent Application Process and Terms

Many educational and internship programs, especially those run by outdated academic institutions, leave much to be desired when it comes to the application process as well as what they can guarantee to the program participants. We are different. We are transparent about the requirements of participation, the application process, terms and conditions, as well as the costs involved. Moreover, our programs come with guarantees; we are proud to be the only organization to guarantee only Fortune 1000, Fortune Global 500, and Financial Times Europe 500 companies for the internship engagement of our Business in Modern China Summer Program and Technology and Startup Scene in China program.

Pre-Departure Support

At University of Shanghai for Science and Technology we know that going abroad is not easy and that a great amount of support is needed as participants prepare for their experience. Therefore, in our programs we provide comprehensive pre-arrival materials. We also provide comprehensive support on the PRC visa obtaining process. Apart from these resources, we also always do our very best to answer any inquiries our participants might have along their educational journey, whether it’s during the recruitment stage or in Shanghai.

Safe and Comfortable Stay

Safety comes first. During our programs we provide 24/7 on-site support by staff who are experienced in international education. We also provide orientation at the beginning of our programs. At University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, accommodation is always an important aspect of the experience; we firmly believe that without it participants would find it difficult to excel in the classroom and in the internship placement. During our programs, the participants will stay in a four-star hotel located right by the university’s campus.

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