You in Shanghai

Experience the largest and most developed city in China. With 25 million people, a booming economy, significant expatriate population, and world-renowned nightlife, Shanghai has become a world-class city on par with New York, Tokyo, London and Paris.

As the most international city in China, the founding city of the CCP, and a big winner of the economic reforms, Shanghai’s history in the last two centuries has been anything but ordinary. Today, Shanghai is by far the most exciting city in China and one of most interesting global cities.

In the last two hundred years, Shanghai has been more open to international influence as compared with other international cities. A brief look at Shanghai today proves that this openness truly benefited the city. Shanghai has it all: it is China’s largest city, Asia’s financial hub, the busiest container port in the world, and the Chinese capital of fashion and shopping. The city also boasts China’s best night life and a great amount of cultural activity.

Work hard. Play harder.

We promise that you will never feel that you have too much time on your hands in Shanghai. This city simply never disappoints (or sleeps). The numerous resources for English speakers such as a free 24/7 city information/translation hotline make everything very accessible. Admittedly, it would be extremely difficult to try to keep up with everything going on in this bustling metropolis. Just google Shanghai for a glimpse of the wealth of online resources providing information about China’s greatest city.

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